birthday invoiceBirthday parties for kids are supposed to be fun, right?

Well, fun for the kids at least.  These days, the cost of parties seems to have reached levels that were way different than back in the day.  Instead of inviting people over for cake and games, little kids in many areas are getting pricey parties and events outside the home that can set the host parents back a relatively substantial amount of money.

It’s almost as if birthday party cost increases are keeping pace with – or perhaps surpassing – those of college tuition, on an annual percentage basis.  Talk about pressure on parents!

Speaking of which, a recent story about a birthday party no-show has illustrated this notion of financial pressure on parents who host birthday parties.  In this case, highlighted in a story on The Guardian, parents of a kid who missed a birthday party were sent a bill requesting payment.  Yes, they were actually billed because they did not take their kid to the party.

When converted to dollars, the amount is approximately $25 as of this writing.  This seems to be the cost that the party host had to incur due to the no-show.  One might assume that these costs would have been covered by the parents of the attending child, had they actually sent the child to the party.  Since they didn’t take him, the host was stuck with the money.

What to think of this?

So, if you’re the host, it wouldn’t be cool to just eat the cost that you apparently had to incur due to the no-show.  If you’re the parent of the invited kid, you wouldn’t want to be billed for something that your kid didn’t participate in.

I can see how each side could have a problem with what happened here.

That being said, while not having your kid attend a party that you had confirmed he would might seem a bit “unusual”, it’s more outside the norm of society to actually send someone a bill for such a perceived transgression.

At least that’s how I see this one.

How about you?

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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