Why Couples Should Take a Money Management Class Before Marriage

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The following post is from Melissa Batai

Keri and Jon were married nearly 20 years before their marriage ended in divorce.  However, almost from the time they were married, they constantly fought about money.  Within a few years of marriage, they ended up in a vicious cycle that would play a large role in the dissolution of their marriage.

Keri stayed home with the kids, and Jon worked.  Because Keri liked her kids to look nice and because she was often lonely, she spent a lot of time and money shopping for the kids.  This made Jon feel financially insecure, so he started taking overtime whenever he could get it.  It wasn’t long before he was regularly working 60 to 70 hours a week.  This in turn made Keri lonelier, so she spent more.

Keri and Jon would have benefitted from taking a money management class together, ideally before they married.  So many marriages end in divorce, largely because of financial reasons, but maybe fewer marriages would end up this way if couples took money management classes together.

What You Can Learn

A money management class can help you get on the same page as far as deciding how to spend, save and invest money.  This is essential to a strong financial future and marriage.

In addition, you can notice any patterns that you’ve inherited from your own parents.  In many ways, my husband and I had a similar financial upbringing, so agreeing on money management was not much of a struggle for us except one issue.  My parents preferred to buy several small things so they could “treat” themselves on a regular basis without blowing the budget.  My husband’s parents preferred to only occasionally have a “treat” so that they could spend more money when they did splurge.  Neither way is right or wrong, but this small difference can sometimes cause tension for my husband and I when it comes to spending money.  A money management class can help couples identify these patterns.

Where to Take a Money Management Class

There are many places you can look to take a money management class:

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

This course can be taken at home or in person, and you’ll learn how to manage your money, stay out of or pay off debt, and save for the future.

Personal Counseling

If you and your betrothed are very different financially, you may want to consider getting personal counseling before you marry.  Counseling can help you understand what is motivating your partner as well as how to meet in the middle for a less conflict-filled marriage.

Udemy Courses

Udemy offers several free courses that you and your partner can take together such as Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know and The Core Four of Personal Finance.

Alison Courses

You can also take some free personal courses on Alison such as Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts and Financial Literacy.

So many couples spend hours and hours preparing for the actual wedding ceremony.  Why not take some of that time to plan for your financial future together?  You’ll likely have a much more peaceful marriage if you do so.

Did you take any money management courses before marriage?  Would you recommend doing so?  What other financial advice would you give engaged couples?

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