Would You Carpool to Save Money?

by TTMK on April 8, 2013 · 12 comments

Most of us enjoy saving money, right?  Who wouldn’t like to have extra money at the end of each month, based on some smart choices in terms of our expenses.  It’s even better when those choices don’t involve much sacrifice on our part.  The classic win-win is a great thing! Along those lines, some people […]

Have You Ever Showroomed?

by TTMK on March 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Back in the day, if someone wanted to compare prices on things, it would usually require going to stores in person.  This, of course, took up tons of time and maybe even some transportation expenses in order to facilitate this.  Or, one could pick up the phone and call, but this made it tougher to see […]

A Very Good Reason to Save Money

by TTMK on February 18, 2013 · 5 comments

No matter how goal-oriented, and practical many of us try to be at times, there can be instances where our motivation temporarily wanes.  This can apply to saving money, as it’s possible to have frugal fatigue, or even just weak moments here and there when we just splurge.  Sometimes we lose sight of the bigger […]

Most of us drive a car.  It’s simply necessary for the majority of us not living in the heart of a city with subways and regular bus routes.  Walking everywhere, or biking for that matter, simply isn’t feasible for a large percentage of people. So cars are a good thing! Of course, as we all […]

The holiday season is a time of cheer and giving for many people.  It’s also a time of a little bit of suspense, when it comes to the gifts that people are giving one another. Sometimes we want to give gifts of clothes, tech items, tickets to games/shows, or other traditional things. Other times we […]

Saving money is very important.  You can have a high degree of success in your career and make a nice salary, but if you’re not saving much, you’re not doing enough to help you long-term financial prospects.  Start saving, and you’ll be building for your future needs. Now, I did recently post about how it’s […]

When I was much younger, I equated the library with required school reading.  Basically, a boring place with boring things to offer.  In my college years, it gained some value as a place to study – but also, as a place that had a social element to it. Now that I’m older, I see the library […]

6 Steps to Increase Your Savings

by TTMK on May 15, 2012 · 2 comments

Growing your nest egg doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m not saying it’s easy, as I know full well how hard it can be to make money and save it.  That being said, it seems as if some basic principles, if followed with discipline, can help somebody increase their accumulation of money. Here are 6 […]

When it comes to money, we all know that some of us our savers and some of us are spenders.  Count me in the saver group. While I would like certain material things, the desire for financial safety and a degree of risk aversion with savings gets me to control those wants for the most […]