The Best Food Items to Buy at Costco

by TTMK on November 14, 2017 · 0 comments

The following post is from Melissa Batai There are so many reasons why I love my Costco membership, including all the many ways I can save on prescriptions, toiletries, vacations, car rentals and more. However, there is also the simple fact that many foods are cheaper at Costco than at the grocery store.  In fact, […]

The following post is from Melissa Batai Holiday overspending happens to the best of us.  Maybe we’re swayed by great sale prices, so we buy more than we need.  Maybe someone else lavishes us with gifts, so we feel the need to reciprocate.  Maybe we feel pressure to give gifts to all the service people […]

Ways Costco Can Save You Money

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The following post is from Melissa Batai When they built a Costco near us a few years ago, I happily joined because I had heard that I could save a lot on groceries.  While it’s true that I did save a lot on groceries, especially organics and other specialty foods we had to get because […]

The following post is from Melissa Batai My family and I just took an epic 15 day family vacation that was part vacation, part work.  Cutting corners was paramount because a vacation like this could cost quite a bit of money.  While it certainly wasn’t cheap, we did take several steps to lower our costs. […]

The following post is by staff writer Melissa Batai Are you going through a rough patch financially? Are you struggling and unable to pay for the “fun” things that aren’t essential like vacations, presents, meals out, etc.? If so, you’re not alone. Ever since we moved last year, our finances have been tight. Although we […]

The following post is from staff writer Melissa Batai Must a family have two cars (or more)? Are car payments an unfortunate reality because cars are so expensive now? How we Americans think about cars is deeply personal. Many of us would never consider trying to live with only one car, just like we think […]

A Surprising Visit to a Thrift Shop

by TTMK on June 2, 2014 · 3 comments

When it comes to shopping, as you can probably tell, I’m someone who has self-control. At this point, I’m not likely to be over the top with big purchases. That’s not to say that I never get tempted, because I do. However, I’ve managed to stay the course living a comfortable enough middle-class existence without […]

Depending on where you live, you might have spent much of the winter and early spring indoors. Where I live, it was a particularly brutal winter in terms of both cold temperatures as well as snow. It’s time to be outdoors more often now that the weather has gotten warm! Enjoying the warm weather can […]

The following post is from Staff Writer Melissa Batai Having a wedding can be an expensive affair.  With weddings in 2012 on average costing $28,427 (CNN Money), more and more couples are waiting to get married. An Extended Engagement Take Jake and Rachael (not their real names).  Jake and Rachael have dated for nearly 5 […]

Being married can be profitable. No, I’m not talking about getting hitched with someone for the express purpose of increasing your net worth at the expense of his (or hers).  That would be gold digging, which is something to steer clear of!  Rather, I’m talking about profitability from an expenses point of view.  You can […]