Parents Paying for Engagement Ring?

by TTMK on September 5, 2015 · 1 comment

When it comes to marriage proposals, the ring is a big part of it. Traditionally, the guy saves up a significant sum of money, and uses it to purchase a ring for the girl who he hopes will say “Yes!” and become his fiancée.

Now, of course it’s the commitment between the two people, their excitement over an engagement, and their love for one another that are the most important things in these situations. However, the aforementioned money part of it is generally an inevitable part of the equation too – at least from the guy’s side. After all, when we’re talking about using savings that equate to months of income, it can take a long time to save that much. Remember, two months income doesn’t equal two months savings unless you’re saving all of what you make!

We’ve discussed the idea of how much to spend on a ring, and got some good comments and feedback.

Keeping that in mind, I heard a story lately about a couple who got engaged and where the girl got a ring she was really excited about. Now, we have seen via comments on a prior post on people not liking their engagement ring that such a scenario can be a challenge for both parties. So, the notion that she’s happy with what she got is a positive thing.

However, this couple’s circumstances were apparently different.

I don’t know them personally (or at all, actually), but a friend of mine relayed the story about how the guy bought such a nice ring for his one and only. Apparently, his parents were wealthy. So, they went ahead and gave him the money to buy the ring.

My friend seemed to think that this was unbelievably tacky, to the point where they guy should probably be ashamed of himself.

My thoughts were originally along those lines too, but as long as he was honest about it and didn’t try to pretend that it came from his hard work, then perhaps it doesn’t matter that much. After all, if money isn’t more important than the actual relationship, should it appear to be shameful to get a ring with parents’ money?

I do think it’s not ideal and as a parent I wouldn’t want to give a kid money to buy a ring for his future wife. However, to each their own, and I’m not sure it’s a sign of poor character of the guy or his parents.

What do you think of this scenario?

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joe September 28, 2015 at 2:03 am

I think spending hundreds or thousands of dollar’s on a engagement ring or wedding ring is absolutely ridiculous and financially irresponsible. The entire concept is based solely on good marking over many year’s by jeweler’s not common sense, something you will need plenty of to have a successful marriage and life. In this case the question posed is whether it is right or wrong from a moral standpoint for someone other than the groom to purchase a ring for an engagement or wedding. Given that societies disapproval if any would stem not from their own opinion but year’s or targeted propaganda I would say absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. Whether or not anyone likes his decision it has been made. If he and his to be wife take no issue why should you? The answer is you shouldn’t. The only reason you would take issue is from a moral standpoint which is not even your’s or moral it’s simply good marketing. You should not care about anything other than you’ve been tricked by propaganda that made you judge another person without cause or reason, other than to peer pressure another into making a poor financial decision in favor of the jewelry trade. Keep your mind and eye’s open and your wallet closed as much as possible. Good luck.


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