The following post if from Melissa Batai If you listen to Dave Ramsey, you know his mantra is that you should stop all retirement contributions until your debt is paid off.  However, is the answer really that simple? No, of course not.  You must decide, based on your own financial situation, whether you’ll want to […]

Should you invest for retirement by using target date funds? Good question, and it’s one that each person our couple should answer for themselves based on an assessment of the pros and cons of target date funds. Like many of other decisions when it comes to money and relationships, this could be one where people […]

6 Tips on Investing

by TTMK on September 30, 2013 · 10 comments

As we know, it’s usually not enough to simply save our money.  We have to make sure it earns a good rate of return, since we need to keep up with inflation at the very least! Hopefully though, we’ll earn much more that that, and will help us build wealth. To earn that increased rate […]

Just hearing or reading the phrase “double your money” gets me thinking of a few different things.  The first is that anyone suggesting that they can double your money just may be trying to scam you.  This is simply a reactionary approach I have.  The second is that I do start to think, how can […]

Index Funds or Actively Managed Funds?

by TTMK on January 24, 2013 · 6 comments

When people talk about investing in stocks, for some that might mean buying individual stocks.  Doing active research on specific companies, and buying shares of some that you believe are a good value, has been a way that many people have approached stock picking and investing.  Of course, some people did away with the research aspect and […]