Gender Roles and Expectations

There are all kinds of biases out there, which seem to apply differently to a variety of different people. It cuts across demographic characteristics, and sometimes defies common sense. A good example, in my opinion, is the very strong generalization that some folks make about working mothers. In particular, people thinking that a mother working […]

There are so many quirky things about money and relationships. We each have different perspectives, some of which are of varying degrees of importance to people depending on the situation at hand. How about this one: should it matter in a marriage who gets to drive the nicer car? There is a couple I know […]

The following post is from staff writer Melissa Batai When I was pregnant with my last child and on bed rest, I watched A LOT of television. One of the shows I watched was MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. I had to keep watching the spinoff, Teen Mom 2, which continued to follow the lives of […]

Gender stereotypes are interesting. Another reminder of this came via an interesting article I saw regarding a father who was taking care of his kids.  There was a huge fuss over a picture – which went viral – of a father brushing his daughter’s hair while holding his other, younger child at the same time.  […]

There’s a lot of planning and talking that should happen before a couple gets married.  How do each of you handle money?  How do you feel about debt?  Who’s a saver and who’s a spender?  What area of the country do you want to live in?  How many kids do you want to have? Another […]

The following is a post from staff writer Melissa Batai.  My own editor’s comments are at the end of the post. I have 3 kids, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  However, in the process of raising these three kids, I quit my full-time job as a teacher at a community college where […]

Back in the old days, when a couple had a baby, Mom probably wasn’t even entertaining the idea of going back to work.  She was going to be a Mom, and that meant staying home and caring for kids was the only choice viewed as the right choice.  It would be frowned upon to go […]

The role of breadwinner in the household has historically been occupied by the male.  In the past, it really wasn’t even  much of a question of who made more money in the household.  It was the man, and that was the beginning and end of the debate.  The only question might have been whether or […]

In days gone by, there was an almost standard way of doing things.  Or so I understand, anyway.  The man would be the “provider” who would leave the home to work hard to make all the money to support his family.  The woman would take the lead at home with the kids and housework.  He would not do […]

Child support can be a contentious topic for men and women.  There are many opinions to go around about the fairness of dollar amounts and terms, and what goes into choosing who should pay. This being said, one recent case seems to stand out from most others you might come across.  You might have heard […]