Friends, Neighbors and Money

Making Small Talk Valuable

by TTMK on May 6, 2013 · 5 comments

Sometimes it pays to simply talk to people, and be chatty.  While I’m not always that way, on occasion I can break out into small talk with people for no reason other than just to strike up a conversation.  Despite no agenda, I recently had an instance where small talk could actually have a payoff. I was at […]

One of my friends had been dating someone for a while, a nice woman who seemed to be a good match for him.  They had known each other about a year, I believe, and seemed really happy together.  I met her a few times, and thought she was nice. Anyway, recently he notified his friends […]

Dinner out with friends can be a fun time.  Good conversation, laughs, and – we hope – good food.  It all adds up to what’s usually a nice evening. Then….the bill comes.  Now, this shouldn’t be a stressful occasion at all.  However, there’s often the possibility for a little bit of awkwardness when figuring out […]

What did nosy people do before the internet? Well, normally I don’t consider myself to be a nosy person. I would like to think that I’m somebody who normally doesn’t like to pry into things that really aren’t my business, and is able to respect boundaries.  This can apply to many parts of life, including two […]

The Frugal Bridesmaid

by TTMK on September 17, 2012 · 4 comments

A Bridezilla is often a source of amusement and sometimes fear to onlookers.  A person who is so irrationally consumed with “her big day”, that she is overflowing with stress, emotions, and crazy behavior.  All, of course, wrapped up in excessive demands and attempts to micromanage and control everything. I recently heard someone tell a story, at a group lunch, about how she […]