Financial Strain: How to Keep Money From Messing with Your Marriage

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What’s the number one thing that married couples bicker about? If you answered “money,” you’re correct. Financial matters can take their toll on any relationship. Between marital partners, even more so. If money is messing with your marriage, you’ll be glad we told you the following money info that may help to keep financial harmony in your home.

Don’t be afraid to talk about money

Most couples find the subject of money difficult if not impossible to talk about calmly and rationally. In fact, some couples don’t ever talk about money matters at all, and that in itself can create a lot of problems. National Public Radio recently reported the results of a study that concluded that couples fight more often and more vigorously about money matters than they do about child rearing, sharing household chores or any other aspect of their marriage. Let that sink in a minute. If you and your spouse fight about money, you’re not alone. That doesn’t make it any easier, though.

When NPR talked to New York financial advisor, Kitty Bressington, the discussion about marital money was more than a bit revealing. Bressington advises couples to put any and all money issues “on the table” where they can be examined, discussed and resolved in an honest fashion. Agree what’s yours, what belongs to your spouse and what financial burdens you’ll share. This is generally a superior approach to keeping all monies in separate accounts.

Expert opinions

Another study, pulled together by SunTrust Bank, proved that 35 percent of respondents cited money as the #1 cause of marital discord. Study participants aged from 44 years to 54 years old mentioned dishonesty about money as a serious stressor. This goes to show that honesty truly is the best policy for couples, at least as far as financial matters are concerned.

Fix your credit

If your credit’s not so good, you’ll be glad to know that having fair credit does not necessarily exclude you from getting a credit card in your name. In fact, there are plenty of cards you can obtain that will give you a chance to boost your credit score considerably. Should you wish to get a card with instant approval, your choices may be somewhat fewer, but there are still plenty of cards within your reach.

A Visa credit card from Chase Slate may be obtained by persons with less than ideal credit. This card comes with no annual fees and a variable interest rate. Be sure you understand how APR, or annual percentage rates work before applying for this or any other credit card. A Platinum Visa from Credit One offers cash back rewards on all purchases made with the card. Flexible payment options are another positive feature of this card.

If you are open about your money, don’t overspend, pay your bills on time and basically work together to manage your financial life as a couple, your marriage is on the right track.

Katherine Buckley is a personal finance consultant who writes a variety of money focused articles for an online audience.

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