Dating and Money

My answer is clear: Yes, I would have done that. Dating someone who is unemployed is clearly not for everyone. A recent article in Moneyland shares that there are many people out there who clearly won’t date somebody who is unemployed. Both genders had a percentage of people who fit that line of thinking. What […]

Financial Warning Signs

by TTMK on March 29, 2012 · 3 comments

Think for a moment, to back when you were dating. Or, if you’re dating right now, think about your current mindset toward it.  Then, think about the signals, the cues that you take when trying to get a sense of what the person is really about. Do you ever think about financial warning signs? Now, […]

So, I was at lunch recently, getting a quick bit in a food court downtown. I didn’t bring my lunch, and wasn’t eating with others, so I did something that might seem unusual – I ate lunch on my own. Anyway, while getting lunch on my own, I actually noticed the people and conversations going on […]

When people first get to know each other, they are often on their best behavior. They might pay careful attention to what they wear, how much they laugh at your jokes, how closely they pay attention to everything you say, and other similar behaviors.  When thinking about the other person’s behavior, it may be a good […]

What’s the best way to get a second date? If you’re a guy, make sure that you pay for the first date. OK, before you assume that I’m suggesting that all people are that shallow, I’m not 🙂  Clearly, handling expenses is not what’s most important. If the two people have no chemistry to begin […]