Bills and Banking: Resources You Can Turn to When You Don’t Have Enough

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You fall sick. Your small business loses revenue. You lose your job. These unfortunate things happen all the time. You are never really prepared for them, because like any emergency, such things never announce themselves before they occur.

Oftentimes, you find yourself in a tight spot. The bills keep coming. You do not have the money you need. How do you get out of the situation? Rob a bank? That’s a dangerous alternative. Fortunately, there are multiple resources that you could turn to for help.

Family and friends

What if this strains your personal relationships, you ask? It does not have to get to that point. A lot of people are afraid of borrowing money from people who are closest to them because they want to maintain healthy relations with these people. As long as you hold up your end and repay as agreed then you could even improve the ties. Whether you are looking for funds to restore your business to its feet or to sort out a personal financial problem, friends and family can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money.

Credit unions

When you are looking for a personal loan, you likely do not have some asset that you intend to provide to back your credit. You are hoping to get a personal unsecured loan. This type of loans tends to attract higher interest rates from traditional banks because the lack of security makes them pass as high-risk. However, credit unions still offer unsecured loans at generally lower interest rates. These unions are also less stringent with the loaning criteria.

Approaching your local credit union may be a quick way to get the money you need in hand. Being a member, they are likely to give you a more personalized service because they likely know you better than a bank would. Credit unions also have a history of giving loans to their members with less-than-ideal credit profiles. Your chances of getting approved for a personal loan are higher especially when you have borrowed with them before, or if you have an existing savings or checking account with the credit union.

Peer-to-peer lending sites

The time when people would sell all their valuable property to pay off a debt or attend to an emergency in the absence of bank loans is gone. Today you can get a loan on the internet – how beautiful is that?

People are increasingly relying on sites like to borrow affordable, low risk personal loans faster than ever. Ideally, the borrower provides their details and the amount they need, plus the reason for borrowing to unlock the loans.

These lending sites make it easy to get funds when you most need it because they often have relaxed terms. The loans have quick approval and accrue interest at competitive rates, which makes them accessible to most people with financial problems.


Being in a financial difficulty can be terrible. It doesn’t however mean that you will be stuck in it forever. When personal money problems strike, try looking around for what options are your best, then explore them for help.

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