Benefits of Having a Roommate: Beyond the Finances

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Everyone knows that having a roommate is a great way to save on the rent. But beyond the financial considerations, there are several other reasons why having a roommate is a good idea. For example, you may find that someone with a different background from yours is an interesting way to gain new perspectives. Roommates are also great to have around for shared responsibilities and help when you need it. Your roomie probably won’t mind walking your dog if you’re running late – but it’s a good idea to repay them in some small way such as doing a chore they would normally do, or picking up the dinner tab next time you go out.

The Interview Process

Of course, no one said you have to be best friends – and it’s a good idea to have your own personal space and set some ground rules. But you can make the process a whole lot easier, while finding someone that you are personally compatible with. Interviewing potential roommates might seem overwhelming at first, and you certainly don’t have to choose the first person who comes to your door, but fortunately, there are websites that will simplify finding a roommate that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Learn More about Yourself

Another little-known benefit to having a roommate can learn more about your personality in the process. You might never know about some of the simple joys, new recipes, new activities, and other things you might enjoy unless you roommate introduces you to it first. Having someone nearby whose interests differ from yours is a great way to learn new things and have new experiences. You will also learn what little things might set someone off, so that you can be more empathetic and understanding of others. Living with someone up close and personal will reveal a lot about you that you may never have realized living by yourself, or with your parents.

Support and Advice

A roommate can provide an unbiased opinion and suggestions when you need them most. Not sure what to get your sister for her birthday? Want to know if your dress shirt matches your tie? Having a roommate is great for these sorts of things where you don’t want to go out looking like a fool or choose the wrong gift. Diversity is also important in choosing a roommate, and if you’ve lived in a small town or have had limited experiences with other lifestyles, learning about other points of view from someone with a unique perspective is a great way to broaden your horizons.


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