Welcome to Tie The Money Knot, a place to meet regarding the fun yet important topic of money and relationships!

When it comes to our lives, I really believe that it’s all about balancing the different components. These include – among others – health, relationships, and money. To the extent that we can strengthen one aspect of our life, the others will have an opportunity to be stronger as well. Along these lines, specific to money and relationships, it’s important to find a happy medium and a successful approach to reach your goals.

Tie the Money Knot is a place to explore how money and relationships intersect, and how they can be intertwined. The goal is to help everyone learn more about the topic, develop a better understanding of your own needs as well as those of others, and to take another step toward bettering our lives.

While a main theme of this venue is finances and married couples, topics are intended to also branch out to the broader topic of money and relationships. This can include people dating, money and kids, financial issues with one’s parents and in-laws, and money topics as they relate to people with whom we are close and/or interact with often.

Please feel free to look around, and check out our articles. As the site grows, we hope to have a broad set of topics that you can view by checking out archives. In the meantime, check out our new articles and discussions. Please feel free to add to the discussion, we really encourage you to share your views and opinions via thoughtful comments ! Also, if you have a money story to share – with questions to share with other readers, or just want to vent – please feel free to go to the “Share Your Story” Tab above and follow the steps to submit to us.

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