A Very Good Reason to Save Money

by TTMK on February 18, 2013 · 5 comments

No matter how goal-oriented, and practical many of us try to be at times, there can be instances where our motivation temporarily wanes.  ThisSave Your Money for Old Age can apply to saving money, as it’s possible to have frugal fatigue, or even just weak moments here and there when we just splurge.  Sometimes we lose sight of the bigger picture.

Frankly, that’s okay sometimes.  In fact, I’d say it’s healthy to do so on occasion.  But the key is to only let that happen on occasion.  If we lose sight of our goals too often, and forget to save, we just might need a reality check.  This reality check just might give us back that motivation to save, and actually may give us an even bigger reason to save money than we might generally think about.

Here’s what I’m getting at: let’s momentarily put aside our aspirational goals of a luxurious retirement, indulgent materialism, and providing for every educational and financial need/want of our kids.  Instead, let’s picture ourselves being old and needing money.

Think about being a senior citizen, with not enough money to retire.  Yet, not feeling healthy and energetic enough to get out there and work.  You know, just because we take care of ourselves now, and feel good when younger, that’s no guarantee that we won’t get all achy and tired when older.  Or, worse, come down with a debilitating condition.  The reality is that when older, health problems can increase in variety and even severity.

Additionally, when older, we just might start thinking a lot more about our mortality.  I know, this may not seem like a fun concept to dwell on, and I would actually agree with that.  But when older, I just wonder if people start to value their time a lot more.  After all, time runs out on all of us.  If we have little left, I think we’d want to enjoy it instead of laboring for pure survival.

Look around at some older folks that are working despite looking haggard.  Would you want to be like them, struggling, and feeling the pressure of needing to work when worn out?

To me, this visual is motivational, and serves as a good way to get back on track while being a good reason to save!

My Questions for You

What are your reasons for saving?

Do you ever think about being old and needing money?

What truly motivates you to save money?


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Michelle February 18, 2013 at 8:59 am

I think about how unprepared my mother is for retirement and that definitely is a big push! I don’t want to feel like I have to be a leech to my kids when I’m old.


TTMK February 18, 2013 at 6:41 pm

Michelle – while a sad situaion, it’s good to take it as a way to learn vicariously and better oneself.


Goldeneer February 18, 2013 at 10:02 am

I’m 5 years away from my own retirement (I will be 35) which will happen when my mortgage is paid off. My motivation for saving/paying off my mortgage is that every $750 that I can save means one less month I have to work to pay off my mortgage.

Every time I spend money on a purchase, I think of whether is it is worth the compromise of saving that money or if it will bring me enough joy in the next 5 years to be worth the expense. Some expenses/experiences are worth it while others are not. This becomes a highly personal decision.


TTMK February 18, 2013 at 6:36 pm

Goldeneer – very goal oriented! It’s a great point that there are tradeoffs to our decisions, and financial ones are no different. It’s tough to get something for nothing.


AverageJoe February 19, 2013 at 6:57 am

I love your visual, because it takes things that are currently “hot” and shows how unimportant some are in the long term. I visualize flexibility all the time. I want to be flexible in the future, and can’t stand it when I can’t do whatever I want, when I want. The dream of me in an airport leaving for some exotic destination that I decided that morning to leave for….that’s what motivates me more than anything.


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