5 Ways to Save Money by Using Your Local Public Library

by TTMK on October 15, 2012 · 0 comments

When I was much younger, I equated the library with required school reading.  Basically, a boring place with boring things to offer.  In my college years, it gained some value as a place to study – but also, as a place that had a social element to it.

Now that I’m older, I see the library much differently.  It’s a place that has a variety of things to offer, and the best part about it: the library is free!

I don’t go there that often, as I’m busy with work, family, etc. However, there is some real value there, and often much more than people might realize.  Here are 5 ways you can save by using the library:

  1. Books.  Yes, this is the obvious thing that comes to mind. I know.  But the selection might better than you think. You just might be surprised at how many recent releases and popular books your library has, including recent best sellers.  You can often check these books out for multiple weeks, and sometimes you might have the opportunity to renew.  Free is good!
  2. Movies.  Sure, you can get movies streamed, or pay for rentals. Or – gasp – actually buy them! Okay, I’ll admit that I do actually enjoy the most expensive way to see a movie, which is in the theatre. Not frugal, but I enjoy actually seeing a movie at the theatre.  However, if you want to watch a movie at home, why not get a free one from the library? You can often keep them for a week, at no cost!
  3. Magazines and Periodicals.  Sure, we can get so much online, and traditional papers and magazines are much less popular for a lot of people it seems. However, many folks still do like that format, and you can often get a great variety of the most current editions there.
  4. Classes.  Yes, I mentioned earlier that libraries once reminded me of required reading. So, why would I suggest classes as benefit of libraries? Well, some of these classes just might be useful for you or members of your family. And, of course, they’re often free!
  5. Free Wireless and a Place to Work.  Sure, most of us have wireless at home. However, if you want to leave the home for a place to get things done – be it work or study – you can go to a coffee place.  Or, you can use the library for free!

The thing that makes all this nice is that you have the potential to check out a large number of things at once.  Lets say you have a family of four.  In one visit, let’s say you get a book for each person, plus 2 movies for the family.  How much would that cost you to buy the books or rent the movies? $20 or more? Well, at the library there is no charge.  If you do this once a month, you’re looking at $240 saved without much effort!

What Do You Think?

  • How often do you use your local library?
  • Do you ever think of the money savings associated with using the library?
  • Why do you think many people simply ignore the library or don’t want to deal with it?

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