5 Gifts for Father’s Day that Keep Giving All Year Long

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The following post is from Melissa Batai

Father’s Day.  A time to show dad how much you appreciate him and all he does for the kids and your family.  Unfortunately, most people shower dads with cheesy gifts that they really don’t want.  (Just being honest here!)  You know the gifts—ties, mugs that the kids have drawn on to create their own unique keepsake art, handmade picture frames with the kids’ handprints inside and maybe a poem.  These are sweet gifts, but for the dad who wishes his family would consider a gift that keeps on giving, that shows how thankful you are for him all year long, consider these presents:

Beer Kit.  A lot of dads like to have a beer or two on the weekend to relax, so why not create a new hobby for dad with a make-your-own beer kit.  These can run from approximately $50 to $150, but dad can use it all year long.  My cousin bought one of these for her husband, and he really enjoys crafting his own beer.  Whenever people visit, he asks them to try his latest brew.

Gas Grill.  Is dad still grilling on a charcoal grill?  Bring him to the modern era with a gas grill.  The size of your family as well as if you host get togethers will determine what size grill you should buy.  Many men love to spend time outdoors grilling, and a gas grill is something that the man in your life can use three seasons of the year or longer if you live in a temperate area.

Turkey Fryer.  Have you ever had a fried turkey for Thanksgiving?  If you have, you’ll never want a traditionally prepared turkey again.  The meat is moist and delicious.

My uncle prepared our turkey this way a few years ago, and I remember watching all of the males at the party gather around the turkey fryer watching the process and helping out.  Men and fire cooking.  There’s a natural, primal attraction for most men.

Tools.  What does your husband like to do?  What hobbies does he have?  You can buy tools that will help him with wood crafting or furniture making, if that’s the case.  This Father’s Day, my husband asked for a chain saw so he could finish cutting down the enormous cactus in our yard that neither of us likes.  While a chain saw doesn’t seem that exciting, it’s something he wants to maintain the yard, which he enjoys doing.

Toy.  Dads and kids like toys.  If the dad on your list likes to bond with the kids over a toy, why not get something they’ll all enjoy?  My friend’s husband loves to build model cars, and he’s passed that love on to both his son and daughter.  It’s a fun hobby that they do together.  Ask the kids what “toy” dad would like as well as the kids, and you could be giving the gift of hours of fun family time together.

The fathers in our lives and our kids’ lives love to feel appreciated on Father’s Day.  To increase that appreciation, why not give a gift that keeps giving all year long?

My Question for You:

What do you normally get dad for Father’s Day?  What gift has he most enjoyed and cherished?

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